Sincerity is the divine energy that has a very large role in human life on this earth. Also the source of all energy in this universe is the essence of man himself. So sincere is very subjective existence, and so many that defines this terminogi sincere. Although the meaning and value and purpose is the same, namely, how we conduct ourselves in the totality of submission to Allah SWT. But as a form of concrete in everyday life so difficult to apply! "Therefore, it is not so easy, it's no secret for a deepening understanding of Sufism, sincerity is the highest science in this universe.

Means sincere or sincerity is not as easy as you might think! required an implementation of the course on the understanding and faith and trust in Allah SWT intact. Plus the mental as well as a strong fighting force to achieve it. When we are confronted by the fact that bad in this life, then this is our role to enable genuine. Even when we are also happy to be guided in sincere. This is where the difficulty in life is when men are required to always be sincere in better or worse.

Furthermore, the meaning of sincerity is how we always conditioned in an empty or zero, whether by prayer and remembrance. That way we always clean pure, without spot, so there are stains terbersihkan sincerely. Sincere Many roads lead to the point. In between the prayers of remembrance or tadarrus also the Qur'an. But this is still the essence, and existence itself, we submit ourselves fully to God alone, and then we close with a given at most, a simple way! if necessary and able, without end. That there is only emptiness and surrender. The tranquility and peace of ordinary curved. Everything leads to a genuine point. Even so to perform the journey of Worship, sometimes very difficult and heavy to do it. And this is the starting point of the process of sincerity that we wish to achieve.

Not only that when we used to always be willing to feel and enter into existence, the existence of Almighty God, the blessing, grace, and salvation, happiness and we will be easily achieved. Quality of ourselves as human beings in pursuit of activities in this life all realized with the full blessing seal. All of that is a manifestation of sincerity.

Once the extent of the meaning of this honest, so to Sufi scholars give different interpretations of the splashdown at sea is that with the sincere struggle of existence in the life of sincerity in this mortal world is one meaning of jihad to meet with Allah SWT, so that explicitly and implicitly saying teringgi that this is given by the human sciences, an important understanding of the universe. Maybe we still remember a soap opera starring Deddy Mizwar, a soap opera in which the theme of religion is how people can interpret "Science Ikhlas" in everyday behavior. So is the book written by Erbe Sentanu, titled "Quantum Ikhlas" is popular in Indonesia, all of which provide honest insight that it is a human phenomenon in this world to fantasize that we can delete it anytime and anywhere.

In writing though, along with the comments given by others, whether good or bad we still reply to comments expressed by them with sincerity energy. Very clearly visible if there are comments that are not based on sincere, who was impressed with the style of intonation language. Actually, the comments that were answered with the energy of when we read there is connectivity between writing and reading, between author and commentator on the text, commentators each other all together and attract each other with single-minded energy of just one.

That is the meaning of great sincerity, understanding of the long-sought by human beings on this earth, human beings are always guided by a supreme consciousness to understand that they are human beings who are given the gift Like the creature that has the highest degree in the natural universe. So one key to open the way to achieve the highest science is Ikhlas, which at the same road toward recognition of our identity as human beings.

End of writing is simple and nothing, I just hope to all brothers and sisters of the House, for those who can read it, to let us live the meaning of the totality of the sincerity of this phenomenon with a life full of appreciation and practice. Just as we breath flow phenomena in and out according to the rhythm, but the point is in the absolute kta.
O ye who believe, fear Allah and let every soul consider what it has done for tomorrow (the Hereafter), and fear Allah, verily Allah is Aware of what you do

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