Becoming God's Beloved

No love for which we ought to expect, except only the love of Allah SWT. No forgiveness that we should pursue except only forgiveness of Allah. to His servant. And not something that we should all aspire but only with the hope of His good pleasure and reward.

All hope it will come true only if the submission and obedience us in carrying out all commands and avoid His prohibitions with sincere and true in accordance with Shari'a Him. Because only by obedience to Him alone for forgiveness and pleasure of Allah SWT. will be conveyed to His servants. And when Allah SWT. have pleasure, God would be closer to his servant. And when Allah SWT. is near to His servant, then all requests would be granted.

Allah asked the Prophet Ibrahim alaihi salam, "Do you know why I gave the title to you Khalilullah-lover of God? Abraham replied: Do not know ya Rabb! Then God confirmed, Because you love to feed poor people and other people when his prayers were fast asleep ... "

And Allaah knows best-bish shawab.

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