Love in Islam

Prophet, said:
"Do not envy one another - envy, resentment, and not each other, and do not find fault with each other. Be you as a brother, as had been commanded by God Almighty. "
Text such as hadiths narrated by Imam Bukhari, Imam Muslim, Imam Tirimidzi and others, narrated from Abu Hurairah ra, that the Prophet, said:
"Stay away from berburuk you think. Because of suspicion that sedusta-lie speech. Do not spy on each other, and do not find fault with each other people, and do not be hostile to each other, and not to each other-envy-envy, and do not spit mutual animosity, and do not be hostile to each other, and be you all the servants of God are brothers such as Allah commands.
Muslim fellow Muslim brothers, not mendzalimi each other, not despise each other, and not degrading each other. Taqwa is here, god-fearing it here, fearing it here - and he pointed towards his chest.
So with someone doing a bad criteria are:
Insulting fellow Muslim brother. Each of Muslims against fellow Muslims were honored: blood, dignity, and property. Allah does not look at all of you physically, and also did not look at a way as you. But Allah only look at your heart and amalmu. "In this noble hadith no secrets kema'rifatan to Allah, who is full of wonders, that Allah commands us to set aside for themselves from Iblisiyah properties, namely: Envy. Then throw Nafsaniyah nature, namely: Revenge of Allah Most High beings.
Then rose from a low of nature: Looking for mistakes people. And then when reaching the perfect degree through self-purification, Allah ordered that saw the disappearance of the differences between one another of your fellow believers, and this is the command of Allah SWT. When the behavior is perfect, will actualy achieve certainty ma'arifah Billagh.
From this secret sayings of Sayyidina Ali KarromAllahu Wajhah force, "Who knows himself, then truly know God."
And Allaah knows best.

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