Letter From A Mother (ch.4)

You are tired looking for the reward, you have charitable lot, but you have forgotten that around you there is a tremendous reward
O my son! I just want to see your face, and I do not want another.

O my son! Cut my heart, my tears flowed, while you are healthy wal afiat. People often say that you are a sociable man, generous, and virtuous. My son ... is not touched your heart against a frail elderly woman, was not touched your soul to see whether parents who have these old, he was eaten by a longing perish, wrapped in sadness and grief dress!? Not because of anything! But just because you have managed to drain the tears from his eyes ... Just because you have responded with a wound in his heart ... just because you were good at stabbing him with your dagger right hujam rebellious heart ... just because you have managed to also break the string silaturrahim!

O my son, your mother is actually the door of heaven for you. So titilah bridge towards him, lewatilah way with a sweet smile, forgiveness and good reciprocation. Hopefully I see you there with love of Allah Ta'ala, as in the hadith: "Parents are the gates of heaven are in the middle. If you want, then waste it or keep your doors! "(Narrated by Ahmad)

My son. I really know you, know the nature and akhlakmu. Since you have been growing at the same greedy and labamu to reward and heaven so high. You always talk about the virtues of prayer in congregation and the first rows. You always intend to infak and charity.

However, my son! Maybe there is a hadith that forgotten by you! One great virtue that ye neglected is that the noble Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam said: From Ibn Mas'ud radhiallahu' anhu said: I asked the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam, "O Messenger of Allah, what is most noble deeds? He said: "Prayers in time", I said: "Then what, O Messenger of Allah?" He said: "devoted to both parents", and I said: "Then, O Messenger of Allah!" He replied, "Jihad in Allah's way ", then he was silent. Had I asked again, surely he would answer it. (Agreed alaih)

O my son! It's me, credit is, without you struggling to liberate slaves or berletih in berinfak. Have you heard the story of a father who had abandoned his family and his children and went away from his country to find the gold mine! After thirty years in overseas, that he would take home only empty-handed and failure. He has failed in his attempt. Arriving home, the person is no longer seen reotnya hut, but she saw was a large gold mining company.tired looking for gold in the land would, in the shack reotnya people set up a gold mine.

That parable you with kindness. You are tired looking for the reward, you have charitable lot, but you have forgotten that around you there is a tremendous reward. On the side there are people who can impede or accelerate your charity. Is not My ridho is ridhoan Allah Ta'ala, and my wrath is His wrath?

To be continued ...

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Kisah Abu Nawas said...

ditunggu kelanjutannya sob

FIAN said...

Insyallah secepatnya..

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