Letter From A Mother (ch.5)

My son, who I worry about you, that I feared that perhaps that meant You are the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam in his saying: "I'll lose someone, to lose someone, to lose someone," say, "Who is he, O Messenger of Allah?, "People who get a second father or mother when the parents, and do not put it into heaven." (Narrated by Muslim)

My son ... I'm not going to raise this complaint to the sky and I'm not mixing this grief to God, because if these complaints have been soaring through the clouds, past the gates of heaven, it will happen to destruction and misery that no cure and no physician who can cure. I'm not going to do it, boy! How am I going to do it while you are the heart of my heart ... How strong is your mother lifted her hands to the sky while you are laraku consolation. How do you bear to see you miserable exposed efficacious prayer, when thou to me is the happiness of my life.

Wake up boy! Uban has begun to creep in your head. Will pass the time until you will be old too, and al jaza 'min jinsil charity ... "You will reap according to what you are planting ..." I do not want you to later write a similar letter to your children, you write with your tears as I wrote it with tears unto the same.

O my son, had taqwa in Allah in your mother, hold her feet! Truly heaven on his feet. Wash the tears, sadness jerky, tighten his frail bones, and his sturdy body that had decayed. My Son ... Once you read this letter, it's up to you! Are you aware of and will come back or you want to tear it.


Your mother

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