Letter From A Mother (ch.2)

I containing your , O my son! In the weak condition on weak, along with that I was so grmbira when your feet feel the brunt and revert to see your body in my stomach. I feel happy every time I weigh myself, because getting higher weight of my belly, it means you are healthy wal afiat in my womb.

Prolonged suffering torture , came a moment when the dawn at night, which I can not sleep and close my eyes a moment stuff. I feel the unbearable pain and fear that can not be described.

Pain continues to operate so that makes me no longer crying. That much had I seen death dancing in my eyes welling up, until it's time you came out into the world. You were born ... tears mingled with tears, tears of joy. With all that, gone all the weariness and sorrow, lost all pain and suffering, even to you my love grew with the increased strength of pain. I reach for you before I reach for a drink, I hug you kiss before sipping a drop of water that is in my throat.

O my son ... has been passed years of age, I take you with my heart and bathed with both hands my love. I give you my life essence. I did not sleep for the sake of your sleep, berletih for your happiness.

My hope for each day; for I see your smile. Happiness over time is celotehmu in asking for something, so I do something for you ... that is my happiness!

Then, to pass. Day by day, month turned into months and years went by. Along the way I became faithful servant who never fail, become dayangmu that never stops, and become familiar with pekerjamu who never tired and always good and Taufiq mendo'akan you.

I always pay attention to yourself day after day until you become an adult. You're a sturdy, massive muscle, mustache and thin vase that has graced your face, has added ketampananmu. When I begin to look to the left and right in search of life partner.

The closer the day of marriage, the closer the day of departure as well. During that time, my heart began to feel cut into slices, tears flowing, who knows what the heart feels it. Happy has been mixed with sorrow, tears were also mixed with laughter. Happy because you get a pair and my heart is sad, because you will split up with me consolation.

Time passed as if I dragged it heavily. Presumably after the marriage that I no longer know you, your smile which has been the consolation of grief and sorrow, has now vanished like the sun is covered by the darkness of night.Your laughter I make reeds that been one who years, now has been sinking like a stone dropped into a quiet pond, with the fall foliage really do not know you anymore because you have forgotten me and forget about my rights.

continued ....

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