Letter From A Mother (ch.1)

Robbigh firlii waliwaalidayya warhamhumaa kamaa robbayaanii soghiiroo

As Material muse, really what we have done to Mother You??


Blessed Mother pray toward the presence of Allah Ta'ala who has made it easier Mother to worship Him. Mother convey blessings and greetings to the Prophet Muhammad sallallaahu 'alaihi wasallam, his family and his companions. Amen ...

O my son,
This letter comes from your mother who was always overwhelmed with passion ... After much thought she tried to write and write with a pen, though doubt and shame surrounding self. Every time you write, every time it is also hindered by the cry of scratch paper, and every time I shed tears every heart were also injured ...

O my son!
Throughout the period of which thou hast passed, I see you have become men, men smart and wise! Therefore you deserve to read this article, even if later on you squeeze this paper and then you tear it, as before you were squeezing the heart and have you also feel torn.

O my son ... 25 years have passed, and the years it was a year of happiness in my life. One time the doctor came the news about my pregnancy and all women really know the meaning of the sentence. Mixed feeling of joy and happiness in this as it is the beginning of the physical changes and emotional ...

Since the good news is I take 9 months. Sleep, stand, eat and breathe in deep trouble. But it all does not reduce the love and affection to you, and she grew together over time.

To be continued .......

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