Various Motivation People Worshipping


My brothers, a lot of motivation of people to worship. From the various experiences and stories, I summarize some of them.

Just fall liability
This is the lowest level (I think). Who have completed important work, completed affair. No time to think whether the service he meant it or whether Allah swt accept his worship.

Search for reward
Believe it or not, there are still many among us, even who are old, making it reward as the destination of worship. No wonder, if there is a distinguished math carefully to his worship in the month of Ramadan.

He's counting like this. "I pray not compulsory for 1 year. Means I missed the obligatory prayer of 365x5 = 1825. In the month of Ramadan, prayer must be calculated 10x. Meaning if I pray mandatory month-long (as much as 150 times) and added sunnah prayers (which are considered equal in value dg compulsory prayer) 30 times, then I've paid off debt prayer. "

Or there is also a distinguished more extreme. He last pilgrimage to count that prayers at the Grand Mosque worth 100 thousand times than anywhere else. Automatically, he finds no need to pray anymore because there are no savings.

Hoping heaven
Similar to the above, this motivation has become a 'food' and the goal for most people. Especially if the scholars and preachers come 'mengompori' with dalil2 about heavenly rewards. Fit already!

I do not blame my brothers who still use both upper motivation for worship. Only, in my opinion, people who serve as both motivation above kind at kindergarten / elementary school who hope to get rewards after doing good.

Another motivation which we can find is:

Fear of hell
There are also people who worship because of fear of hell. He is praying for fear of going to hell Saqor. He believed (the Muslims) because of fear of hell.

People who worship such as this, in my opinion, like a slave / servant. She worshiped her employer for fear of being punished. Same as above motivation, I do not blame the people who worship this reason.

'Trading' by Allah SWT
The motive of this kind at the reward motive. 'Platform' they are doing this because they think Allah SWT alone 'offer' this.

"O ye who believe, like if I show you a commerce that can save you from painful punishment? - (That) ye believe in Allah and His Messenger and jihad in the way of Allah with their wealth and soul. That is better for you if you know it, - Allah will forgive your sins and enter you into heaven flowing beneath the rivers, and (insert you) into a good place to live in the Gardens of Eden. That's great fortune. "(Ash Shaff (61) :10-12)

"Parable (living incurred by) those who spend their wealth in Allah's way is similar to a seed that grows seven ears, in every ear a hundred grains. God's double (reward) for whom He will. And Allah Area (His grace), the Knower. "(Al-Baqarah (2): 261)

"Who will lend to Allah a good loan, He will double (reply) loan for him, and he will get a lot of merit," (Al-Hadid (57): 11)

"Those who give alms, both men and women, and lend to Allah a good loan, will undoubtedly be doubled (paid) to them, and for them the reward that much." (Al-Hadid (57): 18)

As for my opinion, the motive which 'good' and should be followed is the motive PROOF LOVE and give thanks to Allah SWT.

If we look at the life Rasululloh Muhammad, His servant who ma'sum and guaranteed to go to heaven, he is still a lot of worship (and the night prayer). When asked by his wife (Ayesha), he replied that worship is done out of gratitude to Allah SWT.

So, what motive you worship?

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