An example is the Devil!

The title of this article may be confusing and 'impressed' misleading. But it's good to read first to finish, a new comment. :-)

Almighty Allah created Satan as an enemy who must be wary of humans. But that does not mean there is no nature of 'good' at Satan himself, or lessons can be learned by humans. Rasululloh SAW himself had a dialogue with the Devil (article 1, article 2).

So, what are the properties of 'good' demon worthy 'imitated' by humans? I got from a friend, here are the properties of human evil that must be emulated:

1. Never give up, Satan will always tempt human priest before the goal is reached.

2. Always try, Satan always has a creative and innovative efforts to tempt people to fall in the world.

3. Consistently, the devil never complained even though he failed to tempt man, but he still never gave up.

4. Solidarity, the devil never attacked one another, but they always work together in achieving the goal of tempting humans.

5. Genius, the devil is clever to tempt humans. He can create creative ideas and not plagiarism.

6. Unconditionally, the devil tempting man doing 24-hour non-stop and not ask for no reward at all like us.

7. Like friends, the devil always wants to be friends and to maintain friendships (Faithful, solider) for his friend in hell will be a lot.

Of course, the properties of these demons we must apply in the case of virtue, who devil do not like.

Hopefully useful.

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