The meaning of love starts from the good feeling, a sense of sadness and concern that a person who felt when he knows someone else who is experiencing pain.
Pressure feeling sad they will move us to help people who are suffering. But compassion is not sufficient. True love will come true if someone can accompany grief and suffering that was felt someone ... God is above it all, even selected his compassion and not punishment, before He created the creatures ...

Allah SWT. has created all beings on the basis of his affection. Everything that exists from the beginning has been blessed with love. He has created all creatures, including all His creatures the highest, man, without deficiencies, and pure. He has granted to His creatures of His grace is infinite.

With His love, He has shown the danger of loss and destruction. He has given to man, and only to human beings, the freedom to choose between good and evil ...

Taste the suffering of the lost and poor people, with feelings of pity and help, and hope to the promise of God that His love far exceeds His wrath.

And Allaah knows best-bish shawab.

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