Tears of the Prophet

Every tree that does not bear fruit, such as pine and fir trees, grow tall and straight, lifted his head up, and all its branches pointing upward. While all the fruit trees bow their heads, and expand their branches to the side.

Messenger is the most humble person, even though he has all the virtues and virtues of the ancient people and the people now, he's like a fruitful tree. According to a history, he said, "I was ordered to show concern to all men, to be kind to them. No prophet is so treated arbitrarily by man but me. "

We know that he injured his head, stripped her teeth, her knee bleeding stones, his body smeared with dirt, his house pelted with manure. He is in contempt, and in torment by cruel.

When he preach at Ta'if, no acquired except insults and expulsion of evil. When the Prophet realized that preaching efforts are not successful, he decided to leave the Ta'if. But do not let him Ta'if residents out safely, they continue to bother with throwing stones and words full of mockery. Throwing stones on the Prophet so great, so that his body was covered with blood.

On the way home, the Holy Prophet. find a place that feels safe from these evil people. There he prayed so touching and heartbreaking. So sad prayers were offered the prophet, so God sent the angel Gabriel to him. Arriving in front of the Prophet, Gabriel greets her, saying, "God knows what has happened to you and these people. Allah has commanded the angels in the mountains to obey your command. "So saying, the angel Gabriel shows that the Holy Prophet.

The angel said, "O Messenger of Allah, we are ready to run the host command. If the lord willing, we can make the mountains around the city collide, so that residents on both sides of this mountain will die crushed. Or whatever punishment you want, we are ready to implement it. "

Hear angel bid, the Holy Prophet. with the nature of love says, "Although they reject the teachings of Islam, I hope with God's will, their offspring will someday worship God and serve him."

When successfully conquered Mecca, he said to the people who had tortured him, "How do you think, what shall I do to you?" They cried and said, "You are a noble brother, son of a noble brother." Prophet of Islam. said, "Go you! You guys are the ones who freed. May God forgive you. "(Narrated by Tabari, Bayhaqi, Ibn Hibbaan, and Shafi'i).

Abu Sufyan bin Harith, his cousin, running to bring all his children because he had hurt the Apostle Saw., Then 'Ali bin Abi Thalib Ra. asked him, "O Abu Sufyan, Where you going?" He replied, "I'm going out into the Saharan desert. Let me and my children die of hunger, thirst, and are not clothed. "

Ali asked, "Why did you do that?" He replied, "If Muhammad's arrest, he undoubtedly would mencincangku with sword into small pieces."

Ali said, "Come ye to him and say hello to him by acknowledging his prophethood and say to him as once said by Joseph's brothers to Joseph, .... By Allah, verily Allah has preferred you above us and we are indeed people who are guilty (sinful). (Surah Yusuf [12]: 91).

Abu Sufyan went back to the Prophet PBUH. and stood near his head, then say hello to him and said, O Messenger of Allah, by Allah, Allah has preferred you above us and we are indeed people who are guilty (guilty). (Surah Yusuf [12]: 91).

Prophet. also lifted his gaze, tears rolling down her cheeks are beautiful to wet his beard. Prophet answered by quoting his words, ... On this day there is no slur against you. Hopefully God will forgive (you) and He is the Most Merciful of the merciful. (Surah Yusuf [12]: 92).

Imam Bukhari narrated hadith from Abdullah ibn Mas'ud that the Prophet. said to him, "Read the Koran to me."

Ibn Mas'ud said, "How do I read it to you, while al-Quran itself was revealed to thee?"

"I want to hear it from someone else," he replied. Then Ibn Mas'ud read a letter an-Nisa up to his word, then how is (as Gentiles later) when We bring you (O Muhammad) as a witness over them (as your people.) (Surah An-Nisa [4]: 41).

Once arriving in verse reading this, he said, "Enough."

Ibn Mas'ud looked at him, and saw him that he was crying.

In this story we gain a valuable lesson, that the Holy Prophet. loves mankind. He really hoped that the infidels were believers. Because replies paganism is a fiery hell. Prophet himself had seen hell. He's seen hell it was horrible. Until when aware of it, with tears flowed profusely.

Abu Dhar Ra. narrated from the Prophet., that he established the night prayers, weeping by reading one verse repeated, that is, if you torture them, then surely they are servants of you, too. (Surah al-Maidah [5]: 118).

And narrated when doomsday arrived, he was the person who first raised. The first time she's saying is, "Where's my people? Where are my people? Where are my people? "He wants to go to heaven together his people. He is in ensuring intercession to his people as a sign of his love towards them. He also frequently prayed, cor salimna ummati. Oh God save my people.

State of the Prophet Muhammad himself. Allah is described. in his words, It has come unto you a messenger from thy people own, the weight seemed to him suffering, desperately wanted (faith and salvation) unto you, very much more loving mercy towards the believers. (Surat at-Tauba [9]: 129).

What a bad character if we do not love the Prophet, as the prophet love us, to sacrifice for us, and shed tears for us. Here, if we just remain silent when the Prophet being insulted, as if we no longer his people. Are we willing to preach the Prophet himself and then pelted with stones until the bleeding, while his people that so many can only remain silent? Tears of the Prophet should be a reminder of us, for more love him, defended him, even the sacrifice of lives for him, as he has sacrificed lives for us so that we are saved from the torment of hell.

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